Oil and Gas Pipeline Helical Piers

Rising long-term global demand for oil and gas:

The U. S. Energy Information Administration estimates that world oil and natural gas consumption will increase by 28% and 44%, respectively, between the years 2008 and 2035. This rising global energy demand will result in increased expenditures by oil and gas companies on exploration, development, and transmission, and by utilities on last-mile infrastructure upgrades, driving an increase in demand for energy construction services. With their obvious efficiency advantages and low environmental impact, helical piles will be a key part of this infrastructure build-out.



Helical piles are ideal for the support of midstream infrastructure, from above ground pipe runs and pig catchers, to major facility components, such as compressors, tanks, pressure vessels, separators and well head units. In addition, the low environmental impact granted by the removable nature of helical piles makes them ideal as foundations for temporary and semi-permanent structures and equipment.