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Helical Foundation Specialist

Here at Empire we have a reputation for close collaboration between our customers and our design engineers to configure the right material for your project. We manufacture the largest offering of helical piles in the industry from .188 to .875 wall in round shaft material from 2 3/8” to 24” in diameter and square tube shaft from 1 ½” to 8”x 8” square material along with stainless steel .304 & .316 grades. We can produce helical configurations from 6” to 42” flights in carbon, stainless and if you would like chrome. Our helical piers have become the deep foundation system of choice for engineers, architects, geotechnical firms and contractors. We would like to view your most challenging situation and have the opportunity to work with you on your projects. We feel with our experienced team and innovative products we will find a solution for all your challenging needs.


  • Quality – High Strength Steel – API.
  • Extreme Stability and Lateral Strength
  • Quality Assurance Inspection
  • Customer Opportunities Referral
  • Installation Training – Demo’s
  • Trouble Shooting
  • Precision Lift Bracket (200,000 lbs) Ultimate Capacity
  • New Construction Bracket
  • Custom Mounting Brackets
  • Omega High Capacity Pile Option
  • On site Engineering Inspections
  • Material testing Reports
  • Exact Specifications for any Project
  • Zink Galvanization Protection ASTM 123.
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Project Site Delivery

We encourage you to inquire about our demos and product capabilities to enhance your companies profile and competitive edge. From large commercial companies, municipalities, and small business contractors we owe it to you to rise above the competition!

Check out our Case Studies! We promise you'll like us more than whomever you are currently using.
Helical piers and anchors are used on a vast array of residential and commercial projects all around the globe.
  • Round Shaft

    Round Shaft Piers are used in compression applications.
  • Square Shaft

    Square Shaft Piers are used in tension (uplift) applications.
  • Drive Head

    Installation Equipment. Reliable. Powerful.
  • Accessories

    Skid Steer, Gauges, Pins, Brackets