Helical Piers

Helical Pier Technology Overview

Size: Helical Piles use a much smaller working footprint then Caisson or Auger piles. They can be installed in limited access areas like existing buildings or sensitive environments. You can gain access with smaller equipment then larger drill rigs. Limited storage needed on job sites.

Speed: Helical Piles can be installed much faster then Caisson and other deep foundation technologies, these others also involve large equipment and coordination with multiple subcontractors. Fast installation saves time and money. No curing time, No weather delays, No soil spoils, easy to work with and easy to correct or change. At a rate of 15 rpm’s and an advancement of 3” per revolution, a typical 30’ section can be installed in about 10 minutes.

Vibration and Noise: Helical Piles produce little to no vibration during installation. This decreases possible damage to existing structures from soil movement. Vibration could damage older buildings, cracks in existing masonry and disturb anyone working or living nearby. Vibration and noise impacts other business and neighbors which can cause problems, create delays and make for a hostile environment.

No Spoils: Installation produces no spoils to remove or remediate. Consider what is involved and impacted when spoils are an issue: Spoils increase the footprint of the work area because it needs to be stockpiled somewhere. It needs to be loaded on trucks and hauled away which uses time, manpower and cost. There is potential exposure to hazardous soil that is deep in the ground. Often times this is a gray area in the contract for who is responsible for the excavated dirt and sometimes overlooked when submitting pricing.

Safety: There is no open-hole excavation. Open and deep holes present a number of safety issues that require special equipment, time and procedures plus special training. No need for large drilling rigs which can cause damage or accidents with electrical wires. Eliminates down-hole work and inspection.

Cost: Time is money! Helical Piles take much less time to install then other deep foundation technologies. They can be installed in most weather conditions and through all four seasons of the year. This saves money and cost from delays that weather conditions can cause. They can be loaded immediately after installation. There is no curing time so rebar and concrete can be started immediately behind the anchor install. (Compared to Caisson which needs to meet a minimum compressive strength before you can continue with construction). Our system can be removed and reused at another project so customers can keep their capital investment.