What is the Revolution?

Are you tired of dealing with less evolved methods of construction? Of waiting for the rain to stop so you can continue your work? What about waiting for concrete to set?

Welcome to the Revolution.

The Revolution, simply is this:

  • To exceed our clients expectations with service, knowledge and competitive pricing.
  • To work with our clients to ensure that they are economically prosperous and successful.
  • To provide innovative products and quality services.

Welcome To Empire Piers

No matter what the economic climate, construction jobs will always be in demand. And in any economy, a time-saving, stronger, more impactful solution is always desired. So instead of dealing with pouring concrete, setting and curing time, concrete dead men and one-shot products, why not switch to a reusable, instant, strong, and environmentally friendly product? Helical Piers from Empire Piers are all of that and more.

Here at Empire Piers, we construct helical piers and helical anchors for both residential and commercial applications. It may be a slight crack in the wall, or a gap in your door, or a foundation in shambles – whatever your repair or construction need, helical piers from Empire can fix it. Helical piers can be used in nearly any application where concrete has been the norm, and in many other avenues as well. Boardwalks, windmills, telephone and electric poles, street lights, signs: all are just some of the applications that Empire piers can be used for.

Engineers are beginning to push helical piers over conventional methods more and more, due to the pier’s innate ability to be non-disturbing to soil and the habitats in which they are placed, their long life span, and for their load capacities, which rival concrete.

Empire Piers wants you to stop wasting your time with less evolved methods. Empire Piers wants to show you what real customer satisfaction is, instead of listening to an hour of bad 80’s music while someone else puts you on hold and charges you too much for a product that won't work as well as ours... So come on, Join The Revolution.