Empire Piers Introducing the "HYBRID” Square Tubular Helical Pile

For years engineers have struggled with which helical pile product to use Round or Square? With the versatility of both piles along with project parameters and site specific soil conditions which may push the merits and advantages of one system over the other. That’s all about to change, introducing the Hybrid square tubular helical pile the best of both worlds.

Taking the benefits of both round and square piles and combining both of their strengths and advantages Empire has designed the go to pile for the future.
Gone are the days of grouted casing square bar piles, combination piles, transition coupler accessories, timely installations, no more twisting of shafts and elongation of bolt holes along with sheering and over torquing problems.

Square Tubular Pile Advantages – Benefits of Both:

    • High Strength Steel Tubular Shaft with Hollow Round Corner Square Cross Section
    • High Capacity Torque Ratio
    • High Strength Lateral Capacity & Buckling Strength
    • Welded Rigid External Coupler
    • Single Bolt or Optional No Bolt Quick Connection
    • Optional Post Grouting
    • Efficient Installs with Penetration into Firm Soils
    • Ideal for Soft Soils
    • Compression Applications
    • Tension Applications
    • Meets Project Specification of both RS – SS
    • Tight Strick Coupler Tolerances down to 1/32
    • Ease of Plumbness Inspection


For your Square Tubular Pile needs please contact Empire Piers @ 636-668-8066 or please visit us at www.empirepiers.com